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H&S Client Cumulative Statistics November 1995 - December 2010162.5 KB
H&S Child Abuse Cumulative Statistics November 1995 - December2010106 KB
H&S Cumulative Perpetrator Statistics February 1999 to December 2010115 KB
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Cumulative Adult January 2011 - July 2013205.5 KB
Cumulative Child January 2011 - July 2013181 KB
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January 2016.xls122.5 KB
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H&S Cumulative Statistics November 1995 - March 2016.xls171 KB
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July 2016.xls123 KB
August 2016.xls123 KB
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October 2016.xls116 KB
November 2016.xls117 KB
December 2016.xls117 KB
Yearly Adult - 2016.xls187.5 KB
Yearly Child - 2016.xls177.5 KB
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