Help and Shelter has advocated and continues to advocate for relevant legislative changes, including the Sexual Offences Act 2010, and for the removal of provisions allowing corporal punishment in the Education Bill.

We helped craft the National Domestic Violence Policy and are represented on the domestic violence and sexual offences task forces  and the task force to combat trafficking in persons.

We also regularly issue media statements in the form of letters to the press, particularly to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

A selection of our submissions and letters to the press is below.

100th Anniversary of IWD-Help Shelter.pdf73.41 KB
Statement on Killings & Rape 20 January 2012.pdf48.68 KB
Statement on Child Abuse 13 February 2012.pdf54.91 KB
Statement on Henry Greene Matter 4 April 2012.pdf51.21 KB
Statement to mark IDEVAW 2012.pdf59.55 KB
Submission to select committee on coproral punishment March 2013.pdf92.85 KB
Statement to mark IDEVAW 2013.pdf48.31 KB
Statement to mark IDEVAW 2014.pdf64.92 KB
20th Anniversary & IDEVAW 2015 letter.pdf44.94 KB
Juvenile Justice Bill Recommendations May 16.pdf98.25 KB
Letters to mark 16 Days of Activism 2016.pdf66.72 KB
Statement 2019.pdf421 KB
Statement 2017.pdf410.01 KB
Statement 2018 .pdf407.62 KB
Statement 2020.pdf225.7 KB