Avon Foundation-Funded Public Education

In July 2011 Help & Shelter, at the invitation of the Avon Foundation, submitted a proposal for the use of a donation of US$10,000 to enable us to continue our work to increase awareness of domestic and sexual violence and child abuse. The invitation could not have come at a better time in view of the shortage of funding for our public education activities.

The funds provided enabled the continuation of much-needed awareness work until the end of April 2012, by which time the prospects for project funding had significantly improved.,

From Guyana Chronicle 15 July, 2011

Written by Whitney Persaud
Friday, 15 July 2011 01:31

THE Avon Foundation Empowerment Fund yesterday donated US$10,000 to the Help and Shelter office in Guyana, with the aim of supporting the organisation in its continued efforts to eradicate domestic violence around the country. Chairperson of the event Mignon Bowen noted: “There is always need for more resources to help support organisations, which are committed to help reducing the incidents of domestic violence and supporting the victims in our society and this is exactly what we will be doing”.

“The reported cases of domestic violence in the country is continuing to dominate, and is affecting almost everyone who is opened to it and as such implementation will be made to stamp out this act” Bowen said.

The Avon foundation has two programmes which support the cause of domestic violence, the first “speak out” against domestic violence initiative was launched in 2004 and has already donated more that US$7M.

The fund was used mainly in the areas of aiding children affected by domestic violence to help end the cycle of abuse.

Grants to over 400 domestic violence organisation for awareness, education, direct services and prevention programmes have been donated.

The second programme which is the Avon Foundation Empowerment Fund was established in 2008, to support projects involving a cross section of the organizations and institutions working to protect women from violence in developing countries around the world.

The resources for the fund are generated from the sales of the empowerment bracelet –sold by Avon representatives worldwide.

The body has also commended the Help and Shelter on the recognition of the medal of service at the 2011 national awards announcement.

Over the last six years, the local Avon office through its Avon Community Help Fund has been working on the “pink” cause of breast cancer.

The foundation says it will continue to demonstrate its dedication to improving the lives of men, women and families with a focus on breast cancer and domestic violence.

[From Stabroek News : Committee members of Avon Foundation and Help and Shelter with the cheque of US$10,000. From left to right: Juan Cabrera, Ann Singh, Denise Dias, Pamela Nauth, Isha Hussein-Singh, Josephine Whitehead, Mignon Bowen and Juditha DaCosta.]

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