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Brenda visited Help & Shelter September 2010 because she was very unhappy in her marriage. She was living with her husband Patrick and his other ‘wife’ Geena. Brenda had experienced constant confrontations with Geena from the beginning of her relationship with Patrick. The fights between the two women worsened when Brenda became pregnant. Brenda repeatedly left the home, only to return again at the insistence of Patrick. She was also constantly accused of being unfaithful by Patrick, who stalked, and physically, emotionally and financially abused her. He even tried to drown her once.

After visiting Help & Shelter, Brenda decided to go to the shelter with her daughter. They stayed there for over a year, during which time, she was almost continually in fear as Patrick was determined to get her back home. He reported her to the Probation & Welfare Department, offered a reward to anyone knowing her whereabouts, visited the crisis service in an attempt to find out where she was, paid people to keep a watch on the shelter and had a lawyer write demanding to know the whereabouts of Brenda and her daughter. As a result, Brenda had to stay indoors and restrict her movements.

Patrick applied for full custody of the daughter. Help & Shelter arranged for Brenda to receive free legal advice and representation and custody was granted to her.

Brenda has now left the shelter and is working on starting her life over with her daughter.