Daisy & Mandy

In early 2010, Daisy called Help & Shelter on behalf of her daughter Mandy, who was in an abusive
relationship. Daisy persuaded Mandy to come to Help & Shelter for counseling.

Mandy moved in with her mother. Her abusive partner had kept their only daughter, but in May 2010,
as a result of Help & Shelter’s intervention, Mandy was able to get her back by going to her school with
police and children’s services officers.

Daisy and Mandy were advised to take Mandy’s daughter to the hospital to see if she had been sexually
abused and when they did, the doctor said that she had. On investigation, it was found out that the
perpetrator was a male neighbour with whom the father used to leave the child while he was at work.

The police are currently investigating the matter.