Use of Domestic Violence Act

Client’s partner neglected her for five years, took the money from out of their joint savings account, migrated to Suriname and started a new family. During those years client’s partner never supported her, and whenever she tried to contact him he would ignores her telephone calls. In the last quarter of this year, client received a call from her former partner saying he was sick, in hospital, about to do surgery and wanted to ask her forgiveness and if it was okay for him to return if he survived the surgery. Client agreed to this request and partner returned after one month. However the very night of his return they ended up at the police station. Client said ever since the return of her partner, life has been very stressful as he wants her out of the home that she developed after he left. Counsellor discussed the DVA with client and was referred to the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic and the Magistrate Court. She was successful in getting a lawyer to represent her in her DVA application and having the DVA protection order enforced against her partner who was also placed on a 2 year bond to keep the peace.