Glory & Sam

In 2009, a married couple, Sam and Glory, came to Help & Shelter to seek counselling. They were counselled separately and Glory told her counsellor that she was being abused. She was advised to make a report to the police, which she did, and temporarily moved out of the house, leaving her four children behind with Sam.

Glory later returned home but the abuse continue and she and Sam resumed their counselling sessions. In a separate counselling session, Sam indicated that his religion was the reason why he was so abusive to Glory. The counsellor considered Sam unstable and Glory was advised not to sleep in the same bed with him that night. Glory left the house for the night, leaving the children with Sam.

The next day, the children begged Glory to return home, so she did, but the abuse continued. When Sam stopped attending counselling sessions the counsellor followed up with him. Sam told the counsellor that he had visited another agency and had spoken with an officer there, who had given him a letter for Glory to attend counselling sessions there instead.

Sam was refused further counselling by Help & Shelter because of his attitude, and when Glory was contacted, she said that Sam had fabricated the letter. Glory continued counselling and decided that she wanted to end the marriage for the safety of herself and her children.

Glory was referred to the legal aid clinic for a divorce. Help & Shelter assisted and guided her throughout the process and she eventually requested a confidentiality waiver because the judge required proof that she was indeed being counselled for the abuse.

Today, Glory is divorced, living with her children and has returned to school. The division of the property is still to be finalised. Glory has learnt to become independent and to find balance in her life.