IPV Survivor

Client for two years now had been experiencing intimate partner violence, beatings resulted in client losing teeth and being scarred from stabbing. Client made several reports to the station during these ordeals, but said she didn’t have the strength and courage to leave him because of threats to her life. After a recent beating she was advised to get a restraining order against her partner, which she did. When partner heard about the DVA order he broke into the house of client’s mother and told her to tell her daughter, (client) to revoke the order. When this was not done he refused to adhere to the Court order assaulting client and bursting her head and breaking the arm of client’s mother. Counsellor recommended that H&S Ixora Shelter would be a safe place for client to stay in light of partner’s repeated assaults. Client however opted not to take up this offer as she heard that her partner had fled to the interior when he found out he has to go to court and the police were looking for him. Client was educated on DV, the cycle of abuse, DVA and told about the case of a client who lost not only an arm and four fingers but witnessed the brutal murder of her young daughter and son by their father and her abusive partner. Client later returned, was counselled on trauma and self and referred to H&S Ixora Shelter. Client then left to stay at her aunt’s house and is still receiving counselling, on self- awareness, self- development, self- esteem building and goals setting via telephone. Client said she was sorry she didn’t seek help much earlier, and is grateful that she finally did due to the knowledge and help she has received.