Juliet first called the hotline as she didn’t live in Georgetown and couldn’t afford the fare to travel to the Help & Shelter crisis service there. She made pastries at home, but her abusive husband sold them and pocketed all the proceeds.

Because of her financial circumstances, Juliet asked to be and was counselled by phone. During the counselling sessions, Juliet was encouraged to continue her education. Although initially reluctant, she eventually became sufficiently empowered to enrol in and successfully complete a course through the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education and then to attend the University of Guyana.

When Juliet had not been heard from for a while, the counsellor called her to see how she was doing. Juliet said that she had been drinking to help deal with her stress and the counselling by phone resumed.

Juliet completed her studies, obtained a diploma in social work is a now a professional social worker.