14 year old Keisha began to skip school in 2009. When Keisha’s mother found out, she beat her and
Keisha ran away. When Keisha’s mother found her, she contacted children’s services, who told her that
she too many children and that the next time Keisha ran away they would take her away from her and
put her before the court.

Unsatisfied and frustrated, Keisha’s mother contacted Help & Shelter for help. Keisha told the counsellor
that her mother used to verbally abuse her and that when she went to school, the bad things on her
mind would give her a headache and that she would return home when her mother had gone to work
and stay there until she came home.

The counsellor explained to Keisha’s mother the reason for Keisha skipping school.

As a result of the counsellor’s work with Keisha and her mother, Keisha returned to school and the
relationship between Keisha and her mother improved.