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Mother dealing with child sexual abuse of her children

Client for many years encountered serious challenges and abuse by the hands of her partner. Client's children were also experiencing the abuse from their father, boys and girls. Client one day walked in on her partner, and saw him playing with her small daughter ‘s private parts, and when ask what he was doing, she was told by him to mind her business and that she was upset that hers was not fat like the child. The boys after not being able to cope with the abuse, they were witnessing and experiencing, leave at an early age, to work in the interior, in order to escape the abuse. Client for many years accepted the abuse, while at the same time, kept seeking counselling and reporting the abuse to the police station. The last report client would have made at the station, was not recorded, although she would have shown to the officer who was on duty, the protection order against her partner. Client was told by him, that it was not valid, and was actually dismissed; client said she felt as though the officer was disgusted with her and just ignored her totally. Client return to H&S frustrated and depressed, counsellor accompanied client back to the station, and talked with the station Sergeant expressing her concerned for the client and children's well being. Station Sergeant makes inquiries as to why her report was not recorded, and why she was treated in that manner. He then gives the assurance that he will look into the matter and requested a medical report from her, counsellor then accompanied her to clinic then back to the station with medical. Counsellor kept checking with the station, until arrest was made and matter was taken to court. The protection order was reinforced and client and children eventually had the opportunity to live a life free from being abused. Six months had past ,when client return to the Crisis Centre to share her joy of being much happier, working to provide and take care of her and children free from abuse ,finally!