First H&S Scavenger Hunt A Great Success!

Help & Shelter’s first fundraising scavenger hunt on 17 May 2009 was a great success, thanks to organiser Denise Dias and her team of helpers.

Twenty vehicles each containing approximately 5 team members left from JR Burgers on Sandy Babb Street, Georgetown and spent 2 hours scavenging for items on the hunt sheet. In addition to trophies for first, second and third place teams, several individual prizes were also given:

First Place: Team Twilight, Captained by Dr. Michele Ming
Second Place: Team Rent-a-Tent, Captained by Ray Rahaman.
Third Place Winners: Team Pork Chop Sandwiches Captained by "Ian"

Wedding Dress and Team member wearing it..

Best Bride - Raphael de Groot

Best Love Letter - Kristian Jeffrey

Best painted butterfly - Aaron

Best shaved leg - Aaron

Puzzle Picture - The "Brits", Captained by Fraser Wheeler

Approximately $180,000 was raised from entry fees, donations (a listed item) and the sale of chicken wings.

Special thanks to Ansa McAl Trading Ltd, which sponsored all promotional material and team prizes, JR Burgers for allowing the use of their premises and donating the chicken wings for sale and Denise Dias, who donated the individual prizes.

A photo depicting 1 team member with a live chicken

A photo of a team member mummified in toilet paper

A photo of at least 2 team members in water

The serious business of judging..

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