Second Scavenger Hunt Brings in Pledges and Much Needed Items for the Shelter

The second hunt on 28 June 2009 might not have been as well patronised as the first, but the 11 teams all had fun and thanks to Denise Dias’s ingenuity, pledges of donations totaling $44,000 a month for the next 12 months were obtained, together with donations of books, jigsaw puzzles and basic toiletries packages for the shelter.

In addition registration fees and the sale of hot dogs and drinks brought in over $80,000.

 Thanks again to Ansa McAl Trading Ltd for their sponsorship, including the donation of prizes, and to Denise for organising and donating trophies and the
‘bald-headed person’ prize.

 The winners were:

First Place: New Moon, Captained by Siobhan Ming

Second Place: Super Skittles, Captained by Dominique Dias

Third Place: Thriller Captained by Krystal Khalil


The next hunt is scheduled for December 2009.

A male of female born in the 1930's

A photo of 2 team members standing next to a policeman or woman in uniform

/A photo of a team member on top of a roof

Each team member wearing a bandanna with team name

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