Sandy was a 36 year old with one son. She lived in an abusive common-law relationship with a man who frequently travelled to and from Canada. They lived in his house.

While her partner was on one of his visits to Canada, Sandy decided to end the abusive relationship. But the partner returned to Guyana unexpectedly in the early hours of one morning. Having let him into the house, she went back to the bedroom with her son. Shortly afterwards, he came into the bedroom naked and tried to force her to have sex. Sandy did not resist or scream because she did not want to wake her son who was sleeping next to her. Eventually, the man pulled her out of the bedroom and into the living room and continued raping her.

The next day, Sandy reported the matter to the police, who charged her partner with rape. With Help & Shelter’s help, Sandy obtained a protection order.

As a result of the trauma she had gone through, Sandy was suicidal. She continued counselling and eventually enrolled in and completed an IDCE course. She is now a student at the University of Guyana.