USAID/Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction & Prevention Project (GHARP)

The GHARP Project was a four year collaboration between the governments of Guyana and the USA to enhance Guyana’s response to HIV/AIDS. Its mission was to support Guyana’s HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment programmes by improving health infrastructure systems and enhancing the skills of care workers.

Help & Shelter was invited to participate in the project in 2005 as it was well-placed to provide (1) training on the linkages between domestic and sexual violence and child abuse and HIV/AIDs, (2) counselling, basic HIV/AIDS information and prevention education and (3) referral services to survivors of such violence and abuse. Our project activities were subsequently extended to include an IDCE certified course in counselling skills, hotline counselling training and working with in and out of school youth to increase knowledge of HIV prevention and child sexual abuse.

Our reports for work done under the GHARP Project are attached below.

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GHARP July-September 2006 Report31.34 KB
GHARP October 2006 - September 2007 Report66.35 KB
GHARP October 2007 - September 2008 Report94.72 KB