Increasing Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Awareness at Health Centres (Canada Fund)

The aim of the project was to increase domestic violence and child abuse awareness among pre and post-natal mothers and fathers at 12 health centres in Regions 3 and 4, through a series of short workshops and distribution of educational leaflets. In addition, 24 health workers from the 12 identified health centres benefited from a four-day workshop on the dynamics of domestic violence and child abuse including prevention and helping strategies and referrals. In order to reach the wider general population a poster was developed, produced and distributed.

The project increased awareness of and knowledge about the different forms of domestic violence and child abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse, how to recognise the signs of such abuse, understand the effects on victims and how and when, where and why to intervene when the abuse of an adult or child is suspected. With the provision of this information the capacity of health workers to provide vital assistance to victims was increased.

The project was implemented over a twenty-four month period, which started from January 2007.

Help & Shelter was pleased to partner with the Canadian High Commission and the Ministry of Health in the alleviation of child abuse and domestic violence in Guyana.

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