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Savitri had been in an abusive (physical, emotional, sexual & financial) relationship for 9 years when she came to Help & Shelter in November 2011.
Her partner had locked her out of their home when she left to spend the nights with her mother because of the physical abuse.

Savitri was encouraged to obtain a Domestic Violence Act protection order, which was granted in January 2012, and with the support of Help & Shelter found the courage to give evidence in the criminal assault matter, whereas in the past she had reported the abuse to the police but never dared to press charges.

Savitri is now coping well and moving on with her life. For the first time in years, she is feeling happy, healthy and not stressed out. She has been empowered to realise that she deserves better than an abusive partner and has shown great strength and determination to live a life free from violence.