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Lisa, aged 14, lived with her mother, stepfather and two siblings. In 2008, she called the hotline, having
got the number from a Help & Shelter public education officer who had visited her school to talk about
domestic violence and child abuse.

Lisa had gone to live with a cousin as she and her mother were not getting along. When things did not
work out with the cousin either and she was asked to leave, Lisa called the hotline for help.

The counsellor spoke with Lisa’s cousin, who said that Lisa was rude and out of control and that she
could no longer put up with her.

Lisa was moved from the cousin’s home to the home of a classmate, but things did not work out there
either and Lisa began coming into the office for face-to-face counselling.

Lisa returned to live with her mother and counselling continued. One day Lisa called the hotline, saying
that her mother was very ill and that she was worried because she loved her very much. Unfortunately,
Lisa’s mother died and she and her siblings were sent to live with various family members.

Lisa was sent to Berbice to live with her grandmother and other relatives. Her behaviour has improved
and she is now very happy.