Ending Domestic Violence in Guyana’s Administrative Regions (UNIFEM grant)

1. The overall long term objective of the project was to educate and empower people to adopt peaceful and non-violent means for resolving conflicts in their lives and to pursue healthy relationships which are based on mutual respect and appreciation of human rights.
2. The short term objective of the project was to significantly increase level of awareness and thereby reduce the high incidence of violence against women through public education and advocacy initiatives applied in the direct training and capacity building of three NGOs existing in and working with three or more community-based groups in three administrative regions (1, 2 and 10) in Guyana.

The key target groups were as follows:
1) Linden Care Foundation, an NGO working with 3 communities in Region 10 (Block 22 Wismar, Blue
Berry and Cara Cara).

2) New Vision Santa Rosa, an NGO based in Moruka, Region 1, and working with several community-
based groups in the sub-region.
3) Hope for All, an NGO based in Region 2 working in communities such as Charity, Supenaam, Suddie and

Proposal to UNIFEM June 200767.5 KB
UNIFEM Grant Agreement August 2007127.34 KB
UNIFEM Linden Nov 07 Workshop Evaluation40 KB
UNIFEM Linden Feb 08 Workshop Evaluation53 KB
UNIFEM Suddie March 08 Workshop Evaluation.37.5 KB
UNIFEM Moruka June 08 Workshop Evaluation37 KB
UNIFEM Grant Final Report August 2008147.5 KB