Reducing Gender-Based Violence at the Community Level (Funded by UNFPA)

Help & Shelter partnered with UNFPA from October 2007 to December 2011 with the objective of significantly increasing the level of awareness of and reducing the high incidence of violence against women, girls and children in three communities, namely Hague Back, Hague Front and Zeelugt in Region 3 of Guyana.

The documents related to the project are available here and include a knowledge, attitudes and practices survey carried out in Hague and used as the baseline for project activities.

UNFPA Agreement 2007
UNFPA Agreement 2008
UNFPA Agreement 2009
KAP Survey on Gender-Based Violence in Hague - October 2008
UNFPA 2007 Narrative Report
UNFPA 2008 Narrative Report
UNFPA 2007-2008 Financial Report

UNFPA 2009 Report47.59 KB
UNFPA Annual Workplan 2010145.04 KB
UNFPA 2010 Report 104.78 KB
Help & Shelter - End of UNFPA Project Cycle Report 2007-2011.pdf132.68 KB