Documenting Sexual Abuse & Violence against Women & Girls in the Racial/Ethnic/Political Conflict in Guyana

This project was by agreement with UNIFEM as the administrator of the UN Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence against Women and was executed by Red Thread in partnership with Help & Shelter.

The aim of the project was to address the issues underlying race/ethnic violence and the forms it can take against girls and women in Guyana, and lay the groundwork for building a network of women from all ethnic communities, supported by men, who will consistently organise against race/ethnic conflict and in defence of girls and women who are specifically targeted during such conflicts in Guyana.

Despite the challenges encountered, which necessitated changes in timelines and some project activities, the project accomplished the conduct, in a racially divided country, of the first interviews across race with women and men who were victims of and witnesses to a seminal period of race violence in Guyana, and the first attempt to raise and deal with sexual abuse and violence against women in that conflict in a way that avoids both narrow partisanship and any attempt to create false equivalents, and the findings suggested a number of key issues for further action.

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