Pickney Project

The initial phase of Pickney Project was a collaboration between Help & Shelter and Everychild Guyana to improve the lives of children using a community based approach. This phase was completed in March 2010
The first phase of the project is in Sophia

You can read the baseline survey here

Through a rights based approach the Pickney Project will –
1) Provide psychosocial support and for children who have been abused or are at risk
2) Develop parenting skills education workshops to transfer skills about non-violent parenting.
3) Ensure that the needs of children with disabilities are considered in all activities
4) Collaborate with government, non-governmental agencies, community leaders and religious leaders to share 5) information and knowledge, strengthen referrals, monitor school attendance through the Ministry of Education Welfare Department and develop initiatives to resolve issues of child abuse.

Project Goal Statement

To improve the lives of children experiencing violence and abuse and other vulnerable children at risk in Georgetown, Sophia, Good Hope and Region 9 by promoting the safety and protection of children. (UNCRC article 2, 3, 5, 9, 12, 16 and 19)

Project Objectives
1) Increased awareness of child protection with parents, caregivers and the general community through community based and public education by 2011
2) Worked with the Guyana Police Force to ensure that police are responding to reports of child abuse in a professional manner which ensures that victims are not further exposed to abuse by March 2011
3) Health Care Providers and teachers’ capacity built to detect and intervene in child abuse by March 2010
4) Increased access to psycho-social support including child friendly counselling and court support for children abused and at risk by 2011
5) Facilitated a network of organisations – faith based, community based, youth groups, government and non-government - who would work to support child protection and rights

News reports of the Launch are available from
Stabroek News 22 Sep, 2008

Guyana Times 22 Sept, 2008

Guyana Times report of the first workshop

Stabroek News Report of Round table held on 26 March, 2009

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Child Development Flier Child Development Flier Child Development Flier
Child Development Flier Child Development Flier

Project Reports are available for download and distribution here

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan127.5 KB
Project Matrix147.5 KB
Pickney Project Plan146.5 KB
Timetable of Activities119 KB
Pickney Project Concept Note September 200796.5 KB
Project Report September 200835.58 KB
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Project Report November 2008241.48 KB
Project Report December 200836.82 KB
Project Report January 200934.85 KB
January 2009 Counselling Statistics374.75 KB
Project Report February 2009246.32 KB
February 2009 Counselling Statistics376.32 KB
Project Report March 2009223.19 KB
March 2009 Counselling Statistics374.9 KB
Project presentation at Round Table on 26 March, 2009125.5 KB
Project Report April 2009209.71 KB
Click here to download the Project Report for August 2008 to June 2009343.3 KB
April 2009 Counselling Statistics174 KB
May 2009 Counselling Statistics174.5 KB
June 2009 Counselling Statistics174 KB
Report of Pickney Project Police Workshop220.05 KB
July 2009 Counselling Statistics81 KB
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November, 2009 Counselling Statistics146.5 KB
December 2009 Counselling Statistics77 KB
January 2010 Counselling Statistics151 KB
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Project Report from September 2009 to March 2010203.57 KB
Report from the workshop with nurses in Linden (postponed to 15 April, 2010)45.09 KB