Help & Shelter Statistics

Help & Shelter provides some statistics about the clients who access the services.


Please contact us if you would like more details.

January 2011.xls170.5 KB
February 2011.xls171 KB
March 2011.xls170.5 KB
April 2011.xls170.5 KB
May 2011.xls170 KB
June 2011.xls170 KB
July 2011.xls167 KB
August 2011.xls162.5 KB
September 2011.xls150.5 KB
October 2011.xls88.5 KB
November 2011.xls103.5 KB
December 2011.xls116 KB
Yearly Adult - 2011.xls211 KB
January 2012.xls156.5 KB
February 2012.xls155 KB
March 2012.xls132.5 KB
April 2012.xls101.5 KB
May 2012.xls103 KB
June 2012.xls111.5 KB
July 2012.xls118 KB
August 2012.xls124.5 KB
September 2012.xls127 KB
October 2012.xls128.5 KB
November 2012.xls128.5 KB
December 2012.xls127 KB
Yearly Adult - 2012.xls205 KB
Yearly Child - 2012.xls191.5 KB
January 2013.xls128 KB
February 2013.xls128.5 KB
March 2013.xls127 KB
April 2013.xls123 KB
May 2013.xls128.5 KB
June 2013.xls130 KB
July 2013.xls130 KB
August 2013.xls130 KB
September 2013.xls130 KB
October 2013.xls130 KB
November 2013.xls130 KB
Yearly Adult - 2013.xls207.5 KB
Yearly Child - 2013.xls194 KB
January 2014.xls123 KB
February 2014.xls124 KB
March 2014.xls124 KB
May 2014.xls126 KB
June 2014.xls126.5 KB
July 2014.xls124.5 KB
August 2014.xls125.5 KB
September 2014.xls125.5 KB
October 2014.xls126 KB
November 2014.xls126 KB
December 2014.xls126 KB
April 2014.xls124.5 KB
Yearly Adult - 2014.xls197.5 KB
Yearly Child - 2014.xls191.5 KB
January 2015.xls122.5 KB
February 2015.xls123.5 KB
March 2015.xls123 KB
April 2015.xls124 KB
May 2015.xls124 KB
June 2015.xls122.5 KB
July 2015.xls122.5 KB
August 2015.xls122.5 KB
September 2015.xls122.5 KB
October 2015.xls122.5 KB
November 2015.xls122 KB
December 2015.xls120.5 KB
Yearly Adult - 2015.xls194 KB
Yearly Child - 2015.xls173 KB
January 2016.xls122.5 KB
February 2016.xls123.5 KB
March 2016.xls123.5 KB
April 2016.xls123 KB
May 2016.xls123.5 KB
June 2016.xls123 KB
July 2016.xls123 KB
August 2016.xls123 KB
September 2016.xls117 KB
October 2016.xls116 KB
November 2016.xls117 KB
December 2016.xls117 KB
Yearly Child - 2016.xls177 KB
January 2017.xls123.5 KB
February 2017.xls123.5 KB
March 2017.xls124 KB
April 2017.xls123.5 KB
May 2017.xls125 KB
June 2017.xls124.5 KB
July 2017.xls124.5 KB
August 2017.xls125 KB
September 2017.xls125 KB
October 2017.xls125 KB
November 2017.xls125 KB
December 2017.xls124.5 KB
Yearly Adult - 2017.xls189.5 KB
Yearly Child - 2017.xls176 KB
January 2018.xls128 KB
February 2018.xls121.5 KB
March 2018.xls121.5 KB
April 2018.xls115 KB
May 2018.xls115 KB
June 2018.xls115 KB
August 2018.xls115 KB
September 2018.xls115 KB
October 2018.xls115 KB
November 2018.xls115 KB
December 2018.xls115 KB
July 2018.xls115 KB
Yearly Adult - 2018.xls203 KB
Yearly Child - 2018.xls176.5 KB
January 2019.xls127.5 KB
February 2019.xls127.5 KB
March 2019.xls127.5 KB
April 2019.xls127.5 KB
May 2019.xls127 KB
June 2019.xls127.5 KB
July 2019.xls127.5 KB
August 2019.xls127 KB
September 2019.xls128 KB
October 2019.xls128 KB
November 2019.xls127.5 KB
December 2019.xls127.5 KB
Yearly Adult - 2019.xls216 KB
Yearly Child - 2019.xls176.5 KB
H&S Cumulative Statistics 2019.xls124 KB
January 2020.xls127.5 KB
February 2020.xls128 KB
March 2020.xls128 KB
April 2020.xls122 KB
May 2020.xls128.5 KB
June 2020.xls160.5 KB
July 2020.xls159.5 KB
Yearly Adult - 2016.xls187.5 KB
August 2020.xls159 KB
September 2020.xls158.5 KB
October 2020.xls158.5 KB
November 2020.xls158.5 KB
December 2020.xls159 KB
Yearly Adult - 2020.xls238.5 KB
Yearly Child - 2020.xls176 KB
H&S Cumulative Statistics 2020.xls141.5 KB
January 2021.xls152 KB
February 2021.xls151.5 KB
March 2021.xls153 KB
April 2021.xls152.5 KB
May 2021.xls152.5 KB
June 2021.xls148 KB
July 2021.xls106 KB
August 2021.xls106 KB
September 2021.xls106 KB
October 2021.xls106.5 KB
November 2021.xls106 KB
December 2021.xls106 KB
H&S Cumulative Statistics 2021.xls184 KB
January 2022.xls105 KB
Hotline January 2022.xls19.32 KB
HS Bi- Lingual DATA - JAN - FEB 2022.xls19.23 KB
February 2022.xls105.5 KB
Hotline February 2022.xls26.36 KB
March 2022.xls105.5 KB
Hotline March 2022.xls26.26 KB
HS Bi- Lingual DATA - JAN - MAR 2022.xls27.88 KB
April 2022.xls105.5 KB
Hotline April 2022.xls26.31 KB
HS Bi- Lingual DATA - April to May 2022.xls28.11 KB
May 2022.xls105.5 KB
Hotline May 2022.xls26.29 KB
HS Bi- Lingual DATA - April to June 2022.xls28.08 KB
June 2022.xls105 KB
Hotline June 2022.xls26.31 KB
July 2022.xls105.5 KB
Hotline July 2022.xls25.61 KB
August 2022.xls99 KB
Hotline August 2022.xls26.02 KB
September 2022.xls105 KB
Hotline September 2022.xls25.57 KB
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