Woman suriving with her small business

Client after experiencing years of abuse visited H&S seeking advice and counselling. After talking with Coordinator, was referred to counsellor for counselling and intervention. At the time client visited the Crisis Centre she was very tearful and hurt about the abuse she was experiencing for all the years. Client was vulnerable and believed she was at fault, therefore at that time accepted the abuse and exploitation from her partner. Client and partner had a small business that she was responsible for; usually she worked from 8 am until 2 am, sometimes even later hours, causing her to sleep at the business, only to continue the next day. The turning point, of her seeking help at the Crisis Centre, came after infidelity started to play a major role in her abuse, and she was also physically abused by the woman her partner was dating at that time. The DVA was discussed with her and she was also referred to the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic of legal advice. Counsellor worked with client, during a four months Period, on the following topic areas:
Cycle of abuse
Self Esteem Building/self worth/introspection
Working towards the already set goals
Client after being empowered decided that she will not continue to accept abuse from her partner, and so severed the relationship since she saw no positive change in his behaviour.
Client, after seeking legal advice, filed for a divorce. Client was successful on getting her divorce and is now dealing with the process of division of property. Client was very grateful that she did not sit and continue to accept abuse from her partner and is now at a better place, according to her, working and free from his torment and abuse.
Client said,” if she had the will power much earlier, she would have visited H&S ever since it started rather than live with abuse for so long”. Client returned to share her gratitude with the guidance and empowerment she would have received from Help & Shelter counselling services.