Help & Shelter 2007 Survey Report

On the November 24 2007, Help and Shelter in commemoration of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women had a booth next to Guyana Stores in Georgetown to provide information on the services that Help and Shelter offers, resources such as flyers, brochures and provide answer questions to the public on domestic violence, trafficking of persons and child abuse.
Help and Shelter staff and volunteers utilized this opportunity to administer 182 questionnaires to capture information on the following:
1. Knowledge of Help and Shelter services offer and location

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Feature in GHARP's September 2007 newsletter

Help & Shelter has been featured in GHARP Highlights, the newsletter of GHARP.

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Manuals and Resources for working with Fourth Form Students

Help & Shelter and the Ministry of Education with the support of the British High Comission have embarked on a project to conduct some workshops with Fourth Form students in secondary schools across Guyana.

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From the Guyana Review of May 2007 :

This article published in Stabroek News - Guyana Review on 22 May, 2007

THE world watched in horror recently as an American mother of three recounted, with the aid of a video-recording, the nightmare she was forced to live through for 14 long years at the hands of her husband, a man she once thought of as the love of her life.

What was even more galling, as well as disturbing, about the whole affair was hearing in the background of the videotape the couple's eldest son, who was the one who took the footage at his father's behest, making little commentaries about his mother that were not at all complimentary to her, and generally supporting his father.

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Help & Shelter condemns Sherrif Street attack on Amerindian Family

Dear Editor,

Help & Shelter condemns the horrific assault on the family whose members were robbed, stripped and physically and sexually assaulted outside a Sheriff Street night club on Monday 26 March 2007.

We demand that the full force of the law be brought to bear on these criminals as quickly as possible and that the Guyana Police Force treat this matter with the urgency it demands and devote as much attention to the investigation of this matter as to the Cricket World Cup security arrangements.

Such barbarism must be roundly condemned by all sections of the Guyanese community. We demand that proper security arrangements be put in place immediately at all entertainment bars and night clubs for the protection of Guyanese citizens and as a condition for the granting of licenses to operate. This is not the first time that crimes have been committed outside night clubs and urgent action must be taken to arrest what seems to be a growing trend.

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Domestic Violence in Guyana (from the Women's Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security

The purpose of this report is to review existing documents and reports in order to provide a basis for the development of a national strategy on domestic violence for Guyana. The process of developing a national strategy could be an effective vehicle for promoting dialogue and consensus on an approach for moving forward that makes the most efficient use of limited resources and addresses critical gaps in the current response. To this end, the report attempts to identify areas where progress has been made in responding to domestic violence in Guyana, where the situation remains the same, and where there is need for action. There are three sections to the report. The first outlines the international obligations which provide framework for the national response; the second considers the main aspects of the national level response, with a view to identifying gaps and making recommendations for addressing these; and the third looks at international best practice to identify basic components of a national strategy.

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Domestic Violence : A Muslim Perspective

This article was shared by Maulana Habib of the Hujjatul Ulama in January of 2004 as part of their campaign against domestic violence. It presents a view from Islam on how to deal with domestic violence.

Leaflets on domestic violence and child abuse

These leaflets were produced using Microsoft Publisher 2000. They are zipped up using Winzip. Please feel free to download them, and edit as you please for free distribution. If you are not in Guyana, please localise or translate them if you have to. We are working on producing other leaflets and will make them available here.

Sponsorship for Printing

Here is an opportunity to show your support for the efforts to eradicate domestic violence and child abuse from our society. You can put your details in the space provided on the leaflets, print

Reports from the Project from the UNIFEM Trust Fund to eradicate Violence Against Women

On this page we list several documents related to the UNIFEM Proposal.

Project Document
Report from Calvin Bell, Trainer
October 2002 Report
February 2004 Project Report

The Reports which were presented in 2005,2006 and the final report can be downloaded below.

The draft Domestic Violence policy is attached for reference. The second edition was submitted after updating by the DV Task Force.

Manuals for use in Public Education and to help in training of counsellors

Help and Shelter has access to various manuals for use in public education. All can be distributed and used freely, as long as Help & Shelter is credited with the source.

On this page, you can download some manuals , reports and other documents which were produced as resources in work against violence.  Unless otherwise stated , the materials are available for FREE distribution and use, with credit acknowledged to Help & Shelter and sources . If you have any difficulties downloading these manuals, please contact us

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