Unfaithful husband

A couple who had attended 5 joint counselling sessions expressed gratitude to the counsellor and said that their relationship has mended and the children are all happy. This relationship was nearly severed due to infidelity on the male’s part when the woman he was seeing bore a child and said that it was his. The wife was on the move to file for a divorce after her husband refused to come in to H & S when a letter was sent inviting him in at her request. When the husband realized that his wife was serious about divorce he reconsidered and started attending counselling sessions. Counsellor had introduced the husband to H&S Male Session and he has been attending these sessions along with joint counselling sessions. Husband has vowed to continue attending the male sessions as he is enjoying it and has been learning a lot which he said will continue to enhance his life and relationship. The couple had a Thanksgiving service in honour of their commitment to save their marriage which was attended by over 100 persons including children.