Advancement of Gender Equality and Reproductive Rights 2013 (UNFPA)

Help & Shelter is pleased to have been requested by UNFPA to continue in 2013 and expand on the work that had begun in 2012.

This year's activities consist of:

  1. Conducting sensitisation sessions in identified workplaces to enhance knowledge about gender equality and reproductive rights, the Domestic Violence Act and the negative impact of gender-based violence.
  2. Conducting sensitisation sessions with women to enhance their knowledge about their rights, including reproductive rights, about the negative impacts of gender-based violence and about the Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences Acts
  3. Providing programme support for awareness sessions with footballers and at barbershops to change traditional values and oems that promote violence against women and girls.
  4. Incorporating family planning information in assistance given to clients at the crisis service and shelter. 
  5. Referring crisis service and shelter clients to health centres and clinics for family planning services?.
  6. Disseminating information and family planning commodities (male & female condoms) to clients.
  7. Promoting family planning at the community level through individual and group outreach activities for women and men in selected communities in Regions 3 and 4.
  8. Referring community members to community health centres and clinics for family planning services.
  9. Disseminating information and family planning commodities (male & female condoms) through individual and group outreach activities.




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