UNICEF Counselling Support

UNICEF was one of the first donor agencies to provide support to Help & Shelter when we began our work in 1995 ($473,000 for training, resource material and a 6 month salary bridge for a coordinator) and has since then provided much needed funding on several occasions, particularly in the area of counselling.

UNICEF has now again come to our assistance with desperately needed counselling support, having agreed to provide $4 million from 1 August 2010 to 30 April 2011 to enable us to continue to provide face-to-face, court support and hotline counselling and to reproduce our public education materials.

UNICEF Agreement 27 July 2010 187.1 KB
Counselling Support Report August-October 2010 91.75 KB
Counselling Support Report November 2010-January 2011 92.12 KB
Counselling Support Report February-April 201186.81 KB