Youth & Citizen's Partnership Programme (USAID)

Help & Shelter has received $9,778,386 funding from USAID/Counterpart to execute a four month project addressing social cohesion in 5 communities,namely Bell West, Stewartville, Uitvlugt, Good Hope and Sophia.

Help & Shelter) aims to achieve the following objectives specific to its proposal:

  • Help & Shelter has increased awareness of existing initiatives, gaps, challenges and available (human and material) resources within the communities.
  • Women and youth have greater awareness and knowledge about conflict resolution, family and community violence prevention.
  • Women and youth equipped with advocacy skills in promoting cohesion, inclusion, and tolerance across the community.
  • Women and youth have improved competencies and skills that contribute to their economic viability.
  • Core groups have increased knowledge and greater capacity to implement, manage and sustain cohesive activities at the community level.



  1. Focus Group and Community Roundtable –(2 weeks)
  2. Social Media Campaign (2 weeks to launch; 3 months of execution)
  3. Community Mapping (2-4 weeks)
  4. Monthly programmatic reports (1 week)
  5. Community social cohesion project proposals (solicitation, review, selection. (2 weeks)
  6. Community Sensitization Sessions and Skills Exchanges. (4 weeks)
  7. Community Newsletters. (4 weeks)
  8. Community Social Cohesion Activities. (2 months)
  9. Micro-grants Training. (1 week)
  10. Capacity building workshops. (1 month)
  11. Organizational Development. (1 month)
  12. Final Report and Success Story(2 weeks)



Through this project Help & Shelter will realize the following YCP program objectives

  • Strengthened capacity of youth and women’s groups to lead community dialogue and social cohesion efforts.
  • Strengthened civil society capacity to design and lead innovative approaches to social cohesion at the local level
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