Domestic Violence in Guyana (from the Women's Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security

The purpose of this report is to review existing documents and reports in order to provide a basis for the development of a national strategy on domestic violence for Guyana. The process of developing a national strategy could be an effective vehicle for promoting dialogue and consensus on an approach for moving forward that makes the most efficient use of limited resources and addresses critical gaps in the current response. To this end, the report attempts to identify areas where progress has been made in responding to domestic violence in Guyana, where the situation remains the same, and where there is need for action. There are three sections to the report. The first outlines the international obligations which provide framework for the national response; the second considers the main aspects of the national level response, with a view to identifying gaps and making recommendations for addressing these; and the third looks at international best practice to identify basic components of a national strategy.

This report was commissioned by the Women's Affairs Bureau, and authored by Sarah Insanally - November 2006

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